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Want to understand the music video production process?

Here we explain:

Each production is unique and your budget may vary depending on specific requirements and characteristics.

Step 1: Creation of a list of needs, including permits, staffing, etc.

Step 2: Presentation of a storyboard approved by the client, including shots and actions to be filmed.

Step 3: Filming planning and adaptation to agreed dates and times.

Step 4: Submission of the first version of the montage for review and approval by the client.

Step 5: Post-production, including audio, color correction and color grading, and addition of labels and graphics if necessary.

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Here are some of our latest productions, or if you prefer to see more, we invite you to visit our projects page, where we have many other projects.

We offer a complete video clip production service.

Including pre-production, production and post-production, as well as individual services, for example: if you need any retouching, editing or color grading for your videos, visit our color correction and color grading service.


The first step is brainstorming. It is used to know in depth the product and the way in which you want to communicate the message, during this process we discover what is the target audience and the type of video you want to make. This is when we start to come up with all kinds of creative ideas about the story, the characters, the message, the style and the duration. This is the moment when all the necessary organization is done to make the project necessary to make the project a success.

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This is the most exciting part of the project during which the material is recorded and when we get to work together with the different equipment to bring the project to life (sound / lighting / video equipment).


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Post Production

This is when all the pieces of the creative puzzle start to fit together, the recorded material is edited, the color is retouched, the sound mix is done and if necessary, graphics, animations or visual effects are added to give the final touch to the project.

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