El Poder del Pop

About Us

El Poder del Pop (The Power Of Pop) is an audiovisual production company in Madrid led by Daniel Cuenca.

Daniel Cuenca leads El Poder del Pop and coordinates a team of collaborators with more than 40 music videos and 10 years of experience in audiovisual productions.

During which we have managed to surpass more than 2 million views with the video Nunca Nadie Pudo Volar by La Casa Azul and we have shot in Spain, Mexico and Iceland and collaborated remotely with filmmakers in Japan, Argentina, and UK to put images to the songs of groups and artists such as Edurne, Fitness Forever, Helen Love, Rush Week, The Perfect Kiss, Maddie Dobbie, Guatafán, Capitán Sunrise, Que bailen los demás, Detergente Líquido, Cristina Quesada, Fred Fredburguer, Soleá Morente, Nevver and Putochinomaricón among others, with videos in which we demonstrated our versatility and in which we were in charge of the idea, pre-production, recording and post-production.

The Power of Pop.
We have been honored with the following awards and selections:

Aiming to thrill with unforgettable videos

We make all kinds of audiovisual productions, we have a team of professionals, material and AI technology to take your audiovisual content to the next level!